September 5, 2023 Meeting - featuring Kieron Nelson

GOOD news! Regular club meetings resume in 3 weeks! Tuesday September 5th is our first meeting of the season, featuring a presentation by long-time club member Kieron Nelson.

Here's a bit about Kieron’s presentation, entitled: The Road Less Travelled - Forbidden Frontiers
Join photographer Kieron Nelson, as he journeys through the Sahara Desert in “The Republic of the Niger” (whose borders are now closed due to the recent military coup); the Taliban- controlled Northwest Frontier of Pakistan; and the highly militarized Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir. A sample photo is attached.

And here is a bit about Kieron: Kieron joined the Sarnia Photochromatic Club as a novice photographer in 1991. Photography has taken him from the Ashram of Mother Teresa, to witnessing tribal rituals in the Amazon Jungle. Kieron’s photographs have been published by leading magazines, and organizations, including "National Geographic" and “CNN International”. He has been exhibited at "The Museum of Ethnology", Salvador, Brazil; the "Royal Geographical Society", London, England; the "National Geographic Awards Show", California; and the "Instruments of the World" exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Please come out to the library theatre to see Kieron's amazing images. For those who are unable to attend, the meeting will also be available on the Zoom app.

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CAPA Merit Award - Evelyn Buchner

Congratulations Evelyn!

CAPA Merit Award and Camera Canada Cover - Jayne Primeau

Congratulations Jayne!

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Annual Award Images

Click on an image to view in larger size slideshow.

Winner - 2023 Annual Open - Challenge Accepted by Rolf Hauckwitz
Winner - 2023 Annual People - Shy by Gerry Levesque
Winner - 2023 Annual Marine - Three Amigos by Rolf Hauckwitz
Winner - 2023 Annual Travel - Wild Waves by Christie Guertin
Winner - 2022 Annual Open - Tulip by Evelyn Buchner
Winner - 2022 Annual People - Watch That Step by June Pryor
Winner - 2022 Annual Marine - Northern Loon by Evelyn Buchner
Winner - 2022 Annual Travel - Kummattikali Festival Performer by Rolf Haukwitz
Winner - 2021 Annual Open - Auto Wrecker's Heaven by Lynn Tait
Winner - 2021 Annual People - Winter Wonderland by Jane Qi
Winner - 2021 Annual Marine - Lighthouse St. Martins, NB by Pierre Houle
Winner - 2021 Annual Travel - Blowing in the Wind by Jayne Primeau
Winner - 2020 Annual Travel - Wildebeest Migration by Michelle Rondeau
Winner - 2020 Annual Open - Coming in for a Landing by Jayne Primeau
Winner - 2020 Annual Marine - Ocean Fury by Pierre Houle
Winner - 2020 Annual People - Yippee Ki Yay by Jayne Primeau
Winner - 2019 Open - Young Great Horned Owl by Karin McFarlane
Winner - 2019 Travel - Stupas by Alexa Coupland
Winner - 2019 Marine - Gone Fishin by Jayne Primeau
Winner - 2019 Annual People - Girl with Pheasant by Mary Kilbreath
Winner - 2018 Annual Open - Snowy Owl by Jayne Primeau
Winner - 2018 Annual People - The Sicilian by Michelle Rondeau
Winner - 2018 Annual Travel - Laundry Day in Myanmar by Alexa Coupland
Winner - 2018 Annual Marine - Quidi Vidi Harbour by Alexa Coupland
Winner - 2017 Annual Travel - Tanzanian Abacus by Erica Laker
Winner - 2017 Annual People - Old Man on Bus by Jim Paton
Winner - 2017 Annual Open - Signs of Spring by Jayne Primeau
Winner - 2017 Annual Marine - Driftwood Sunset by Ian Sanderson
Winner - 2016 Annual Open - Eagle by Pierre Houle
Winner - 2016 Annual People - Cuban Corner by Bill Coombes
Winner - 2016 Annual Travel - Torngat Mountains, Labrador by Bill Coombes
Winner - 2016 Annual Marine - Fisherman by Kieron Nelson
Winner - 2015 Annual Travel - Kangaamiut by Bill Coombes
Winner - 2015 Annual Open - Harris Hawk by Evelyn Buchner
Winner - 2015 Annual People - School Days by Kieron Nelson
Winner - 2015 Annual Marine - Spirit by Evelyn Buchner

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